50 temporary residents in the new city area

The dreams are big at FredericiaC – the new city area that will connect the historic center of Fredericia with the sea. The citizens in Fredericia will be able to live near the sea, enjoy a variety of music, cultural activities, and shopping. Initiatives to attract tourists will also be a part FredericiaC.

As a part of the development of the area, 50 enthusiastic and innovative students will visit FredericiaC for 48 hours, where they will look at how Fredericia can create engaging activities and on how they can make cruise guests feel welcome in the city.

- Every year around 50,000 people visit the FredericiaC area. The temporary container city in FredericiaC is the first thing that the cruise guests will meet when they arrive. It is important for us and Fredericia that we give the guests the best firsthand impression of the city. We look forward to get a lot of ideas from the EAL students on how we can make things even better than we do now, says chief consultant in Fredericia C.

Different exciting tasks ahead

The 50 students come from different educational backgrounds, and they dig into the tasks with different views on how to develop the new part of the city.

- Our students are used to work with innovation and product development in businesses, but they have also tried to work with city areas in for instance Haarby and Nyborg on Funen. 48 hours in FredericiaC will be a very special and exciting task, as the area is build up from scratch, says Alice Petersen EAL’s Head of Communications and Business Relations.