Being an international student at Lillebaelt Academy - Vejle

Marjan Kashefi from Iran is studying Logistics Management at Lillebaelt Academy in Vejle. Marjan came to Denmark three years ago because her husband had a job at Siemens.

- It was really challenging for me to move from Iran to Denmark. I have a background working with design, and I had a really great job in Iran. When I came here I was just staying at home, and it made me feel unhappy, says Marjan.

With inspiration from her husband’s workplace who encouraged Marjan to take a look at the Logistics Management education, Marjan contacted Lillebaelt Academy in Vejle, and decided to start at the study programme.

- Everyone has been very helpful and understanding here at the academy - it feels like one big family. I also think that Vejle in general is a very friendly city for newcomers, and the community is making a lot of events for us, so you most certainly never get bored, says Marjan.

Exciting way to gain knew knowledge

Marjan is also really happy about the way the studies are carried out at the academy.

- Learning here at the academy is based on projects and a lot of group work, which is really close to the reality that we are going to be employed in after our studies. In our work with the theories we try to find solutions. Theory cannot stand alone, it is using the theories that is the true learning, and this way of studying is not something that all international students are used to from home, says Marjan.

Marjan gladly recommends others to go and study at Lillebaelt Academy.

- If you feel comfortable about the idea of going abroad to study, then do it. Everything might seem hard and overwhelming when you leave the surroundings that you are used to. But if you have a goal and are you ambitious enough you can do it, and you will a great time, Marjan says.