Being an international student at Lillebaelt Academy - Odense

Simona Lehotská from the top-up programme in International Sales and Marketing

Simona Lehotská from Slovakia is studying at the top-up programme in International Sales and Marketing at Lillebaelt Academy (EAL) in Odense.

Simona came to Denmark 3½ years ago, and even though she has faced situations, where it has been hard to be an international student in Denmark, she is really happy to study at Lillebaelt Academy.  

Simona had her first meeting with EAL when when she started at the Marketing Management programme. After her graduation she decided to continue her studies at a top-up programme at the academy.

- My time at the Marketing Management programme was really great and felt much like an introduction to how it is to be a student in Denmark. It also prepared me for my studies at the top-up programme in Sales and Marketing, where the requirements become harder, says Simona.

Using international background in a student job

Most students, international or not, prefer to have a job beside their studies. Simona is also working beside her studies. She is a student helper at the academy, where she helps and guides other international students, when they arrive in Denmark.

- When you come to a foreign country a lot of questions arise. How and where can I find accommodation, is it possible to get a job, and how does transportation work etc. This is all questions where I can guide the new students, so that they do not feel completely alone, when they come to Denmark, Simona explains.

A student job is also one of the opportunities students have to build up a solid network. And a network is really important also for international students like Simona. After the summer break Simona is doing the obligatory internship, which is a part of all study programmes at EAL, and her internship was arranged through her network.

- A very good advice for internationals is to do a lot of networking through friends, jobs, and study projects. It is also important to be openminded, when you look for an internship. Be prepared to travel across Denmark, and go for it – it might be your future job, Simona says.