From the center of Vejle to la Rambla en Barcelona

The students on Montjuïc

Focusing on OL in Barcelona 1992, 39 students from Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management in Vejle went to the large Spanish city Barcelona, to see what effect the huge event have had for the city.

The students had lessons with other international students at La Salle University in Barcelona – lessons focusing on the amazing change the city went through to create the perfect surroundings for OL Barcelona 1992.

- The tourism in Barcelona flourished during and after OL. The number of students went from 1.7 million visitors a year to 7.4 million visiting tourists in 2015. OL created a lot of opportunities for the city but it also caused a lot of pressure on the different facilities in the city. This is what the students focused on during their trip, says lecturer Niels Antonsen from Lillebaelt Academy.

Meeting other cultures

Another purpose with the trip was to give the students an insight into another culture. The students were already well prepared as the 39 students represent eight different cultures themselves.

- Up until the student trip the students have worked across the international and Danish classes. This has given them an idea about how it is to work with other cultures, says Niels Antonsen.