Students develops campus tour-app

The building site in Odense

It is possible to find an app for almost everything today. On the Apple App Store and on Google Play the users will be able to find more than 1.2 million apps, and everyday new ones appear.  

Despite the fact that there are numerous apps on the market, a lot of young people dream of getting a huge break through with their own app idea.

This is noticed at the study programme Multimedia Design at Lillebaelt Academy, where the specialization in app technology has become increasingly popular among the students.

Tour app for the new campus

A perfect example of this ‘trend’ is eight EAL students, who are currently developing an app for the Academy’s new campus in Odense.

- We are developing a tour-app that will introduce the Academy’s new campus to students, visitors, and interested companies, says Kenneth Gustavsson, multimedia design student.

The general idea is that users can download the app on their smartphones and tablets and get a guided tour through the campus.

- The students and visitors will be able to read the history of the site that the campus is built on, and they can see 3D drawings of the different rooms and much more, says Kenneth Gustavsson.

The primary advantage with the app is of course that the users will be able to find all the necessary information they need to get around campus. Another important point is that young people are really keen on using their smartphones, which is why this type of tour-guidance is perfect for this specific target group.

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