EAL welcomes guest lectures from around the world to International Week

During the studies at EAL the students have great opportunities to strengthen their international competences by studying or doing their internship abroad. Even though the businesses are eager to get employees with international experience, it is however only few who choose to go abroad.

- All students need to strengthen their international competences but it is not everyone who are eager to actually travel, and this is why we also work on what we call ‘Internationalisation at Home’, and International Week is an initiative that is perfect in line with this, says the EAL Director of International Affairs Jacob Mentz and continues:

- During the International week, the students will get lectures from our guests from abroad. They come from 15 different countries and the students will therefore get an insight into different cultures and learning cultures. The aim is that this will strengthen their understanding for differences, which they will also have to deal with when they are confronted with the working life after their studies at EAL.

Exchange of ideas across cultures

It is not only the students, who will benefit from the International Week. EAL lecturers and the guest lecturers will also experience great potential from this week.

- The week will also strengthen and broaden the lecturers’ knowledge base and international network. The guest lecturers are ‘coupled up’ with EAL lecturers and their classes and together they will teach, and this way they can exchange ideas and experiences, says Jacob Mentz.

The lecturers are also invited to a master class during the week.

- We are offering a master class focusing on innovative pedagogics, where lecturers are grouped across cultures. The lecturers will again get a chance to get an insight into different cultural mindsets and ways to teach. And hopefully they will also make some commitments for future collaboration, says Jacob Mentz.

International Week is hosted from 8-11 May at the EAL Campus is Odense 

You can find the program for the week here