Studying at UCL

Here you can read more about the study life at UCL University College in both Odense and Vejle, Denmark

  • International possibilities

    As a student at the academy you have great possibilities to get an international profile during your education. Depending on your study programme, you can participate in international two-week modules, study for a semester or do your internship abroad, or participate in one of our international projects.
  • European Policy Statement

    Our participation in the Erasmus programme is seen as a good opportunity to stimulate the international study environment - for both Danish and foreign students, and their ability to be an attractive workforce in the European labour market.
  • Danish courses

    During your studies at UCL University College you have the opportunity to learn to speak Danish - both in Vejle and Odense.
  • Campuses in Odense and Vejle

    UCL has experienced stable growth since the establishment in 2009. The academy now includes around 3,000 students. Due to the increase in students, new and larger facilities are needed to ensure that the surroundings meet the demands of teaching larger classes.
  • Social life

    Both in Odense and Vejle you have great opportunities to socialize with your friends and study fellows.
  • About Odense and Vejle

    Odense and Vejle are two large cities where you can get many cultural and exciting experiences.
  • About Denmark

    Denmark is one of the smallest countries in Europe, when not including the Faroe Islands and Greenland, and has a population of approximately 5.5 million people. The small land area makes it easy to explore the country, as well as neighboring countries.