Social life

Odense city and nightlife

Odense provides the perfect setting for a really good night out in town with your friends. 

The city is full of nice and interesting cafes, which offers good drinks and tasty dishes, and many of the cafes have live music on the programme regularly. If you prefer to visit a cozy pub there are certainly plenty of possibilities for this in Odense as well.

For dance lovers who appreciate the colored lights and party music, the city center is rich on opportunities to visit both discos and dance clubs.

Study City Odense 

What happens in Odense which is relevant to students? Which shops, hairdressers, restaurants, etc. give student discounts?

Student City Odense makes it easy for you to find this information. Every year Study City Odense also arranges several events for students e.g. a study start party.

Student House Odense 

If you want to spend time with a lot of other students, the Student House in Odense is the right place to go.

The Student House offers a wide range of activities, concerts, stand-up events etc. The Student House also has its own café where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee. The prices at the café as well as for the events are student friendly so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the facilities and activities.

International Community Odense

From website:
International Community Odense is an initiative aimed at welcoming international employees and their families to Odense, helping them settle, and introducing them to social networks and activities around the city. We offer a wide range of services, both pre- and post-arrival, and we organize different events for internationals and their accompanying families throughout the year.

Go to International Community Odense's website


Here you can get an overview of the activities in Odense and in the outskirts of the city.


Vejle city and nightlife 

In Vejle, you have plenty of opportunities to go out and party. Whether you are into disco and dance, a quiet beer at a pub or a cozy chat with friends at one of the cafes over a Café Latte, you will experience that there are plenty of opportunities to do so in Vejle. 

On this webpage you will find some of the places that might be worth a visit in Vejle. 

If you like live music, there are several opportunities to enjoy this as well whether it's for lunch entertainment on weekends, live music in the city pubs, or the music association ‘Jive’ which organizes small intimate concerts in Vejle with some of the best jazz and blues bands.

In Vejle we also have a number of cultural centers, which provides the perfect setting for concerts, entertainment, performing arts, and events.

The study environment in Vejle 

In Vejle educational institutions and the municipality co-operates with the aim of creating an attractive study environment. An example is the study start concert.


Here you can get an overview of the activities in Vejle and in the outskirts of the city.