Presentations during the Career Day

It is all about being on the top of the pile when applications come pouring in at the companies. Over a whole morning on March 22, you can become wiser on the tips & tricks that can make the deciding difference when the job hunt goes loose.

Three round with 12 fascinating presentations

LinkedIn, video applications, body language, or the good CV are just fire of the areas that you will be able to get wiser in during that day. Every presentation is 40 min. long and runs over three rounds:

  • 9.30 - 10.10 - 1st round

    15 min.  pause

  • 10.25 - 11.05 - 2nd round

    15 min.  pause

  • 11.30 - 12.00 - 3rd round

Chose from the 12 presentations below (subject to change):
  • That is how you meet companies: Elevator speech and "Golden stories" 
    Prepare your meeting with the company:
    It is easy - whether you are going to an interview or to network with the company. Get a grip on elevator speech and your "golden stories".

  • Video application - how do I make one? 
    When you apply for a vacancy, you might be asked to record and upload a video of yourself. What is the dealt with it? How do you make the best possible video, that supports your CV and application? You will be able to learn that here.

  • Jobportal - Internship & Job hunting
    EAL's job portal is often the direct way to a study job, an internship or your first job after you finish your education. Come and learn, how to use the job portal - now and in the future.

  • Internship abroad - that is how you do itLinkedIn - Internship & Job hunting - Jesper Dalhus from recruitment bureau JEMAC
    Internship in a different culture is not just an adventure. It also provides you with experience and life skills. But what kind of possibilities are there exactly for your education? And how do you do all of it? Come and learn how - before it is too late.

  • LinkedIn til praktik- og jobsøgning - Jesper Dalhus fra rekrutteringsbureauet JEMAC
    Jesper is a super inspiring shark on LinkedIn, which he actively uses for recruitment in his job. Get 30 min. Of "how-to-sell-yourself" training that might get you a good internship or your next job. 

  • Body language during Career Days & Job Interviews - actor unk.
    "Body language is a snitch" - as you surely know if you e.g. have played theatre. How do you use that knowledge during interviews with companies? Get the necessary knowledge -  and a good laugh.

  • That is how you write a good CV
    Get good advice on, how you write a targeted CV that will land you a job. Regardless whether it is an internship, a study job or your first full-time job. 

  • The professional photo for applications, CV or LinkedIn
    A professional photo is a must when you are looking for an internship or a job. Remember to bring your job-hunting smile and dress well. N.B This activity is happening non stop from 9:30 till 12:00. Queue and wait time can occur.

  • Get ready to shine in your next job interview in a Danish company - Workshop by Signe Ørom, ConnectingCultures
    In this interactive workshop, Signe will guide you through the Danish working culture and provide you with knowledge and tools to interact in a job interview session in Denmark. You will have the opportunity to frame your competencies, so they fit into a Danish mindset and you will walk away with a better understanding of what characteristics and values Danish employers are looking for.

  • Finding a job in Odense, Vejle and the rest of the Region – Work-Live-Stay, Southern Denmark
    This country wants you! WorkLiveStay builds connections with companies who care more about your qualifications and less about your nationality. Find out what companies, and how to approach them.
  • Entrepreneurship as a career choice - EAL graduate and entrepreneur says "That is what I did!"
    Would you like to be your own boss? And make it as a part of your career? At EAL you can work with entrepreneurship. Hear about the possibilities  - and about them, who ais CEO at their own companies. 
  • What do companies think about graduates? Featuring Ballisager consultancy
    Ballisager are experts in recruiting and career counseling. They advise with a good grip on facts like e.g their recruitment analysis. Get a good grip on facts during a presentation with a focus on professionalism.