Work with communication in the broadest sense of the word 

The Multimedia Designer programme is a 2-year full time higher education programme which enables you to work with both the analytical and practical sides of multimedia production.

A multimedia designer is an academic craftsman. During the programme you work with all the relevant aspects concerning multimedia productions. This includes strategy and market analysis, A/V productions, design of user interfaces, and programming of the end result that is published on the Internet or CD-rom.

The Multimedia Designer programme is very different from a design education. During the multimedia designer programme, you will acquire new knowledge and skills within the following four areas:

  • Communication
  • Graphic Design & Concept Development
  • Programming
  • Business

Studying Multimedia Design in Odense, you will become part of a new and exciting education environment which is in constant development. You have a large influence on how your education is shaped, and how your college environment will be.

The programme is taught in English and takes place in an international study environment with students from a large number of countries.

The teaching is based on lecturing and discussions between students and lecturers. During some of the classes you participate in group work, where you work together with fellow students solving difficult tasks.

With an AP degree in Multimedia Design and Communication you can choose to continue your studies at one of the 1½ year bachelor top-up programmes at Lillebaelt Academy.