UCL Futsal - Vejle

UCL and the local futsal club Vejle United Futsal (VUF) has comes in partnership to form an UCL Futsal Team, so that you can easily get out and play some ball together with your fellow students and other from outside the academy.

Vejle United Futsal is the first and only pure futsal club in Vejle. The players on the team are a mix of boys and girls, internationals and Danish members. We meet up 2 times a week for practice and free play.

As a member of the UCL Team you get to represent Vejle United Futsal in external tournaments as well as play for the UCL Team in the new regional indoor tournament, Studiebold, which is a series of football events that UCL participates in from the beginning of 2019.

Studiebold is an indoor football tournament, where different teams from all the higher education level institutions across Jylland and Fyn play against each other through a series of competitions.

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