EAL Open Academy: Social Selling - Vejle

Meet one of Denmark's leading companies in Social Selling via LinkedIn. 

Social Selling - How?
Social Selling is a very effective way of working with your network while allowing you to easily expand your network with potential new decision makers - E.g. using each other's network to "map" the decision makers.

The purchase decision?
60-70% of the purchase decision has already been made before a potentional customer even contacts you.
Your customers are online and collect information about how their needs are for product X, or service Y, but is your company prepared for a new potential customer to have made 60-70% of the purchase decision before contacting you?

WHY do you need to spend time on LinkedIn?
- Learn how to create value for yourself / your business
Participate and make a decision based on whether you / your company will spend time on LinkedIn - or if you already use LinkedIn, learn about how to spend your time more efficiently for greater value. 

LinkedInSocial organizes this lecture and you will be able to get answers to all of your questions by Director Henning Karlsen.

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