Running Event: Eventyrløbet 2017

Thursday May 25, Ascension Day, the huge annual running event “Eventyrløbet” takes place in Odense. On this occasion EAL invites you to a day of socialising and exersize with fellow students. This is the 40th anniversary of Eventyrløbet and they are celebrating with concerts by TV2 and TooManyLeftHands. 

EAL EMPLOYEE? Please notice that you have to sign up on Connect! 

You can choose to run or walk the following distances:

10 km: Starts at 10:30 am.
5 km: Starts at 11:15 am.

So it doesn't matter if you want to chill and focus on having fun or if you are the more serious runner - there's plenty of room for all!

The price is just 75 kroner (!!) - regular price is 160 kroner - and this includes:

  • Start number (normal price: 160 kroner)
  • A cool Adidas running shirt with EAL logo (normal price: 200 kroner) 
  • Draft beer / soda until we run out
  • 2 BBQ sausages and 2 breads from our BBQ
  • A ton of fun with your fellow students
  • Participation in competitions with prizes only for EAL registered runners. More info on this later.
  • TV2 & TooManyLeftHands concerts!

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