Running Event: Eventyrløbet 2017

Thursday 10 May, Ascension Day, the huge annual running event “Eventyrløbet” takes place in Odense. On this occasion you are invited to a day of socialising and exersize with fellow students.

EAL EMPLOYEE? Please notice that you have to sign up on Connect! 

You can choose to run or walk the following distances:

10 km: Starts at 10:30 am.
5 km: Starts at 11:15 am.

So it doesn't matter if you want to chill and focus on having fun or if you are the more serious runner - there's plenty of room for all!

The price is just 125 kroner and this includes:

  • Start number (normal price: 210 kroner)
  • A cool black running shirt with logo 
  • Draft beer / soda until we run out
  • 2 BBQ sausages and 2 breads from our BBQ
  • A ton of fun with your fellow students

Register for Eventyrløbet here - no later than 26 April 

Go to the Facebook event.