Indoor Football Tournament

Rules and information

  • 36 teams can participate in the tournament
  • It's first come, first serve
  • The tournament starts at 14:00 SHARP!
  • There can be 6 players on each team
  • You play 4 vs. 4 and each team can have up to 2 substitutes
  • Registration costs 50kr per player. This includes 1 draft beer per player and the registration
  • You register your team by sending an e-mail to with number of players, team name and contact person
  • Your team is NOT registered before the sign up fee for all players on your team has been received. Payment info will be provided after sending the e-mail mentioned above.
  • The tournament is only for EAL students. You will have to show a valid EAL study card.

More info will come so keep an eye on the event page on Facebook