Intro Days September 2017 - Odense

Welcome to all new EAL students.

To give you the best start on your studies at EAL in Vejle, we have made an introduction programme for you.

A tutor team and your lecturers will welcome you and introduce you to your classes, give you a tour around Campus, and much more.

Find the intro programme for your study below:

  • BA in Architectural Technology and Construction Management
  • BA Top-Up in International Hospitality Management
  • Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • BA Top-Up in Web Development
  • IT Technology - Electronics
  • IT Technology - Network
  • BA Top-Up in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • BA Top-Up in International Sales and Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • BA Top-Up in Product Development and Integrative Technology

We look foward to see you :)