Winetasting focusing og wines for Christmas and New Years - Vejle

Therefore, we have invited Vinoble Vejle to come and give their take on which wines to choose for both the christmas- and New Years dinner. They will be bringing 6 different kinds of vine; white, red and bobbles.

The original price is 175 Dkk per. person, however the event department is in a Christmas mood. This means that we pay the bigger part of our ticket (100 Dkk)

Your ticket price will be 75 Dkk.

(Not showing up at the event in spite of signing up, means that you will have to pay the full amount of 175kr)

Deadline for signing up is Friday the 10th of November, at 14.00 pm.

Click "Find tickets" under the event on Facebook.

Note! Only for EAL students- and employees.