Winter Games 2019 - Seebladsgade

On February 22 students at Seebladsgade will compete against each other in classical and new winter disciplines. You and your class are invited to the battle of the desired winter Games Cup.

Nice prizes and intimidating honor is at stake for this year’s Winter Games.

Program for the day

12.00 Welcome and check in

12.30 – 15.00 Games

15.00 – Award ceremony

Team sign-up

Your team must be at least six persons and maximum a whole class. Read more about sign up on facebook

Team-matching: Having trouble gathering a whole team? Please contact event manager at +45 23 66 64 33. She will match you with another small team.

This is the way to win

At the end of the day one team can raise the cup and put their name on it forever. Furthermore, there will be prizes to the four best teams.

You will receive points for both blood, sweat, and tears. More specific you will be evaluated on:

  • Your good idea: Team name, battle cry, team outfit and team photo – is there a correlation and does it make sense?
  • Your sportsmanship: Fair play and good spirit – do you rock this discipline?
  • Your excellence in the games: Are you the best on a racer bike, in brain exercise and in teamwork? Every game grants points.

We are looking forward to see you

Greetings and high fives from all the volunteers in the Winter Games Crew

Nice to know: