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Jeg underviser på disse uddannelser

Jeg underviser i disse fag

I am teaching user research and technology


You can always write to me on my e-mail address - I will answer as soon as possible


Before I started my position as a teacher at EAL, I was employed as a design engineer at a design company called Artlinco in Horsens, Denmark. I worked with many things but my main focus was the user and to get more information about their wants, desires and needs. Thus I also was a project manager in strategic projects about getting to know more about the human mind with both a psychological view as well as a biological view. We also used EEG scanners, eye-trackers and other tools to measure user response. Furthermore I was in projects where we designed e.g. strollers, electrical scooters and footwear.


Before this I was hired as an innovation assistant at Danish Technological Institute (robot technology) working mainly with users and concept developing in welfare technology and culture technology


Design and the human mind interest me a lot.

I love watching documentaries about the early stages of human existence and the hunter/gather way of living, as I believe it explains why we react the way we do to a lot of different things.

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