Fablab is a Playground.

FabLab is a place where creativity and innovation must be explored and especially a place where we will learn to fail. To truly be innovative one has to physically and mentally remove himself from his daily comings and goings and be placed in a room where there are no restrictions and where it is allowed to think outside of any box. We want users to drive quickly from idea to designed prototype.


FabLab is free space.

FabLab is a place to be inspired. This is done through our materials, facilities, engines opportunities, staff, other users and their amazing products. Fablab becomes a culture for learning and sharing. Becomes a highway for design empowerment to the idea.


Fablab is a development driver for business.

FabLab has proven to be a good starting point to create dialogue and build bridges to other programs. The desire to create and innovate is also for students outside the EAL. FabLab gives these students the opportunity to take destiny into their own hands and realize their ideas. By strengthening this, we believe in creating a fertile ground from which new businesses can sprout.