We know that FABLAB is not represented only by the machines we have. Fablab is moving beyond fabrication lab. It's a community that generates sustainability and innovation. It means a group of people who deliberated grow ideas and create new purposes. It's a community of practice. We learn to fail and we are happy about that. We remodel the future use of instruments and we try to create a better life. Fablab is now not only physical but also an amazing library of ideas put in practice.

TheFablabRepublic is the story OF THIS.

If you wanna become a citizen of TheFABLABRepublic you need a high degree of adaptability and to work well with a community-based organization. Technological capabilities are also an asset. But we don't want to stop you to get some. If you feel the passion and also service minded join in.

Responsibilities and rewards: you will need to help the lab on the daily routine and also be a part of the bigger projects. We also need people to help us share the information about what we do, therefore people with social media skills are more than welcome. Our goal is to make you learn how to use the lab, and the machines within it, and pass on the knowledge to our visitors. We know that your time is important, that is why it is not mandatory to respond every time to our call to action. If you are available and you can come we are happy. In return, you will be the first to master the equipment and learn how to create amazing things. You will get a certificate for volunteering in the lab. You will get a badge that will represent what you can help others within the lab. Also, we try to give you the opportunity to work in the lab after hours, we can share with you some free materials to use and maybe a little something extra. We are still trying to put all the details together so that we can provide you with the best experience.

If you have any question please don't hesitate to send an email to fablab@eal.dk with the title TheFabLabRepublic . The registration has no deadline, is just that we try every 2 weeks to evaluate your submissions and take actions. Don't be afraid if you are not ready in the next weeks, you will have your chance later on.

TheFablabRepublic is a community exclusive for EAL students and stuff. To apply please sign for our facebook group thefablabrepublic.

Here we develop the workshops for Laser Cutter, Vinyl Cutter, 3D Print, 3D Scan and more.