Yes, you can just show up during our opening hours.

Check our Facebook page to see if anything special is happening. If you are a beginner, please come in the times there are extra staff available to help, send an email to to know more.

Access and use of machines are free for school projects of EAL students and staff, weekdays from 10:00-16:00. Remember to book a time upfront.

To book a time you must send an email to and tell us what is about.

The Lab also has an OPEN DAY,  every Wednesdays from 10-16 when everyone can come and use the machines in the lab for free, with their own material.

Small amounts of materials are free (10x10cm you can count on. There may or may not be larger leftovers for free).

Larger amounts of materials you must bring yourself or tell us upfront so we can buy.

I am a teacher. Can I bring a whole class?

We do arrangements for high school and primary school classes to the extent we have time. You are welcome to email us at and ask.

I am a politician/teacher/administrator/librarian/leader/company and we want to you give us a tour and advice?

Yes, we usually do a  tour.  You are welcome to email us at and ask.

What size the machines can cut and what file types to use?

It is specified under "Prototype+Build".

Can I mass produce for selling?


What program should I draw things in?

First, you need to know if you want to laser cut, 3D print, CNC mill in 2D or CNC mill in 3D.

What should I bring to the lab?

Always bring your own laptop and the files you are working on. (The Lab has 3 stationary PC with all the software but we don't guarantee can be free for you to use.)

Who to ask?

The staff all know all the tools and machines, but they usually have specialities. It is a good strategy to approach one with the most knowledge of the subject you are working on.