Universal Laser

The laser cutter has a working area of 1219 x 610 mm. You may cut up to 6mm thick materials - over 6mm we prefer you use the CNC. Plexiglass/acrylic, plywood, HDF, MDF, wood, cardboard, leather can be cut. You must ask advice before cutting any plastic you are not 100% sure is plexiglass/acrylic - some give off poisonous fumes or damage the machine.

Official brochure

Ask before the first time. Do not leave the laser cutter while the machine is cutting, due to fire danger. You can make agreements with other users to keep an eye on each others' cutting jobs, but leaving the laser unattended is dangerous and will result in immediate expulsion.

Keep fumes in the room to a minimum - do not open the lid immediately the cutting is finished, give the ventilation 10 seconds to suck the smoke out, and then open the lid slowly.

Throw away leftovers in the containers at the lab. Leave only useful leftovers. Do not leave materials anywhere else.