Case 1: Suspicion and Diagnosis

In the society, there is a lot of prejudice and myths about dementia. These emerge because you do not know anybody or lack sufficient knowledge regarding dementia. This can be one of the reasons why the patient is diagnosed late. 

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Case 2: Daily life with Dementia

When you are diagnosed with dementia. The person with dementia and the relatives will focus on the life after the person is diagnosed with dementia.

They can experience ignorance, prejudices and myths about the disease and its consequences.

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Case 3: Living and Mobility

People with dementia has the same need of being social as everybody else. Getting fresh air, exercise and live and move in safe surroundings in their communities. They need to enjoy life in beautiful surroundings together with friends and family.

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Case 4: Dementia and Hospitals 

Studies show that the surroundings in the emergency departments, generally does not fulfill the requirements to helping people suffering from dementia. Often a visit to the hospital will feel confusing to the patients.

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