Case 1: From suspicion to the diagnosis

In the society, there is a lot of prejudice and myths about dementia. These emerge because you do not know anybody or lack sufficient knowledge regarding dementia. This can be one of the reasons why the patient is diagnosed late. 

It can be difficult to admit that it is not just normal forgetfulness, but something more serious. The suspicion might occur when you for the 5th time have put your “sunglasses in the fridge” or when your next of kin react on your different behavior. Typically, you seek consultation at your doctor who will send the citizen further to diagnosing on the dementia clinic at OUH.

From time to time its discovered at a hospitalisation and the symptoms will be clarified. The patient will be diagnosed on the geriatric department on OUH/Svendborg

When the patient is diagnosed – it can be difficult to get an overview of all the services there is to the person with dementia and the relatives. Many questions will occur, also for the next of kin. The transfer from the hospital to the municipality can be overwhelming.

What will happen now? Is there anything there can be done to slow down the progression of the disease? Who can we turn to?  What does the future hold?


GP Elke  Dorothea Baurichter

Chief Physician  Lene Vermuth  - What is dementia – the course on the dementia clinic

Next of Kin Bente Møgelhøj