Case 2: Dementia and the daily life – the citizen in his own home

When you are diagnosed with dementia. The person with dementia and the relatives will focus on the life after the person is diagnosed with dementia. 

They can experience ignorance, prejudices and myths about the disease and its consequences. It is difficult for others to understand that you cannot remember even the most common things, how does the washing machine works, where the bakery is, how to pay in a store, who the neighbour is, how to turn on the television, be lost on you way home.

The person with dementia can still feel happiness, grief, anger and frustration, but do not remember and find is hard to express his feelings.

There exist a lot of different services to the person with dementia and its relatives both on the hospital and in the municipality. It can be hard to get a perspective of exactly which service there is good for you.

It is often difficult to be the relative and witness your beloved change their personality and they can feel that they are loosing their beloved. At the same time the relatives take on a lot of responsibility to make the life work as well as possible for person the dementia. Few relatives feel obligated to help. This often means that the lives of the relatives often have to change as well.

Odense municipality is working with a rehabilitating approach which indicates a close relationship to the citizen and the relatives regarding giving the support needed to stay in their own home as long as possible.


Dementia consultant, Odense Municipality Helle Andersen

Next of Kin Bente Møgelhøj