About Innoevent 2017

InnoEvent is a concept developed and hosted by Odense University Hospital, Lillebælt Academy and University College Lillebælt. The purpose of InnoEvent is for the students to develop competences in interdisciplinary teamwork so they in the future can contribute to innovation in the healthcare industry. The collaboration between educational institutions and the healthcare industry creates an experimental process where the outcome will contribute to both the students innovative competences and to the healthcare industry through concrete, innovative solutions on a number of 21st century challenges. 

The phases of InnoEvent

InnoEvent consist of two phases: the knowledge phase and the innovation phase.

In the knowledge phase the students gather information and knowledge about the central topics that are being touched upon in InnoEvent for example innovation and entrepreneurship, dementia and interdisciplinary collaboration. The knowledge phase will mostly take place online in the form of videos and research literature. The purpose of the knowledge phase is to give the student’s academic ballast ahead of the innovations phase.

In the innovation phase the students have one week to solve a case. In 2017 the Innovation phase takes place in week 11 and the students will be working in interdisciplinary teams across the three participating educational institutions. Throughout the week the students are guided through different innovation processes that enable them to get ideas on how to solve the case and help them improve and qualify these ideas. At the sixth and final day the teams will present their idea for a group of judges who will give a prize to the four best solutions. 

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