Christian Richardt Dalhoff Madsen

Christian Olesen

My most entrepreneurial moment was when I quit my two jobs, booked a one-way ticket to London, with no other apparent plan than to find a job and a place to live and experience the big city dream.

I work as a consultant for at Odense&Co, which is the department in the Municipality of Odense responsible for carrying out the “Vækstpolitikken” (Growth politics).

The main focus of my job is marketing and partnerships with different partners varying from businesses to educational institutions.

My educational background is from the University of Southern Denmark where I have studied Negot (Business, language and culture). My professional background has varied from different service positions both in Denmark and abroad in the early years, to Marketing Manager in a small local B2B company, to my position at the Municipality where my main focus is Marketing in Odense&Co.

  • Loyal, hard-working and open to new possibilities in whatever I’m working on.
  • I have an analytical approach to marketing through business intelligence
  • Skilled negotiator


Christian Richardt Dalhoff Madsen

Consultant at Odense&Co