Mortern Martin Bang

I don't have one big entrepreneurial moment from where it took off. I always knew 2 things. 1) I loved numbers and economy 2) I was going to be my own boss. Nothing has really changed. I still love numbers and economy - and have owned my own company for 6 years now, since I was 21.

Investing and value investing has always been my passion. I give lectures about it at different levels and use this knowledge both privately and through my job as an equity analyst at Halberg Gundersen Invest.

I have a degree in Business and economics, Finance and marketing, Strategy and organization as well as in Business economics, auditing and accounting.

I started my work with all the different aspects of running a big supermarket – being in charge of different areas of the store and customer service. My positions vary from Supervisor at TDC (customer service and sales), being a Board member of The Danish Youth Shareholder Association Funen, Dansk Aktionærforening Fyn and many others, through an ownership of Bang Consult & Invest, where we work with consultancy jobs for companies and private customers.

Moreover, I am a Chairman of the Board at Studenterhus Odense, where I take part in strategic and tactical management of the café, events etc., and have the overall responsibility of the economy together with the operational leader.

  • Economic advisory, investment and financing
  • Strategy and leadership
  • I am always very committed to my work, loyal to those I work or worked for in the past and fully engaged in my assignments and projects


Morten Martin Bang

Equity Analyst