Black Belt Pitching

Having a pitch champion in our Incubator was a great pleasure. Christian Olesen has won 6 Venture Cup awards and was successful on many other competitions all around the Europe – therefore, we had to make an event based on his experience.

At the beginning, some of us had pretty blurry idea of what the pitching is. Meantime, all the participants were covered with papers, preparing their 3 minute speech. Let’s face it, there was a pressure in the air – but after a short break full of good food, drinks and laughter, everyone relaxed and we continued with a small pitching competition.

Not only Christian, but also others gave everyone feedback regarding the content of the pitch, formal and informal communication and more. You were doing great! Evidently, we have many talented students with huge potential.


To find out more about Christian, read more about him and his experience in section ‘BOARD’.