Find your Co-Founder

Find Your Cofounder Grill

First things first - thank you to our member Esben Brandborg Østerby (Webcofounder) for creating this event and doing an amazing job. It was big success and we will be more than happy to host more of these networking occasions.

Many attendants from Odense, different cities and countries came to enjoy this evening together. The reason for this event was simple – technical people do not often meet business people and vice versa. Therefore, we wanted to gather as many people as possible to give them an opportunity to connect.

As small groups of people started to arrive around 18 o’clock, everyone made a quick check-in and received a sticker showing whether he/she is looking for a partner, want to become one or is opened to both categories. Short introduction started off the whole evening, people enjoyed drinks, enriching speeches and networking breaks. Music in the background, live video, interviews, friendly business mood and listening to many stories. One could call it a successful evening and start walking home slowly.

However, we wanted to share more with you. Few companies has pitched their successful journey and experience. There was an ardent discussion on each topic, Q&A and it all continued to more networking with a barbeque outside.

Thank you all for joining us at this event and huge thanks to Startup Odense for powering up this event!