Find your Co-Founder ft. Astralis

This was one of our biggest events and we are happy for such a big interest.
People with various backgrounds joined this match-making evening in order to co-create new ventures or pitch about them! First of all, thanks to Webcofounder for organizing this night.

The huge part of this event belong to the CEO of Astralis, Frederik Byskov, who has introduced his company - a leading esports organization, with one of the world's best CounterStrike Global Offensive teams. The organization is the first ever to be co-owned by the players in the esports industry.

Frederik was going in-depth about his business and his own experience of having a hobby and turning it into a living. It was a great inspiration to many guests for sure. There was a very interesting and entertaining Q&A ending Frederik's part.

After a break, many individuals had a possibility of pitching their ideas. Other guests were asking questions which completed their understanding about the idea and there was a proper feedback from the board of proffesionals as well!

Thank you ALL for coming and visit Webcofounder's Facebook HERE for more photos from this event.