Grand Opening of the EAL Incubator in Boxen

EAL Incubator is an open space for students with an entrepreneurial mindset who work on their start-up or an idea and ... WE ARE OFFICIALLY OPENED!

Thursday afternoon - that was the day when many people from Lillebælt Academy, other institutions, start-up incubators and people across the whole Denmark entered Boxen and walked in through the hallway on the red carpet.

Yes, you could easily feel that some celebration was going to start soon. People were gathering in the first part of the office, receiving nametags and meeting new or well-known faces.

Right after 2 o'clock, the principal of EAL Academy, Jens Mejer Pedersen, gave a nice speech about the environment, the importance of business element in an education and how it all begun. Further, we were introduced what the EAL Incubator is by Jacob Thomsen, the head of the Incubator. You could hear how it works or how we collaborate with students. Claus Christian Koch, the head of Factory of Festivals, introduced the left part of Boxen and its members.

We had a toast, symbolically cut the red ribbon with scissors - and let everyone in! That meant the first official part was over and it was the time for people to explore more and connect with our Incubator companies.


Everyone could start a conversation with our start-ups, who were properly prepared with all the material needed. People could see their work or even try out the prototypes/products/services.

It was an amazing event with friendly atmosphere and lot of networking. There was a small interactive public wall installation which you could try out yourself. Various people were standing in front of it and discussing - maybe they understood it and fell into a deep conversation or they did not and talked about it anyway - which was the one and only purpose - Thank you for all your inputs!

We hope you enjoyed this event as much as we did and you gained a lot better overview of what is happening in the upper part of Boxen.

For more photos from Grand Opening, visit our Facebook page HERE.