Odense B2B Startup Hunt

B2B Startup Hunt

Startup Wise Guys, a leading B2B accelerator in Europe, came to our city to hunt some promising early-stage B2B start-ups.

The event, organized by Welltrado, has started with an introduction from the SWG’s CEO, Cristobal Alonso, who was talking about his background, business and the advantage of being in the accelerator program. To set an example, our Incubator member, Povilas Urbonas (project leader ar Welltrado – more in ‘Community section’) was talking shortly about his experience there.

There was space for Q&A, networking and short mentorship for your business as well. Another pleasant evening behind us, thank you for coming!

*This event was powered up by EAL Incubator, Odense Kommune, Webcofounder and SDU Cortex Lab.