Requirements for getting in

  1. You are a student at EA Lillebælt or are enrolled at a Masterclass (you will be seen as a graduate), or
  2. You have been student at EA Lillebælt and graduated within the past year, or
  3. You are a part of a group of which one member is a student from EA Lillebælt

Furthermore, you have to

  • Be in a process of start your own business, or
  • Have a CVR number, or
  • Be in a process of participating in either Danish Entrepreneurship Awards, DM in entrepreneurship or other similar competitions, or
  • Be in internship in your own company, if your educational institution has accredited the Incubator valid for your internship, or
  • Be in the process of writing your thesis in your own company, or
  • Be a member of the EA Lillebælt Innovation and Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship community.

Process of getting in

As a student, you will contact the Incubator with your business idea (see the definition in the right column).

We will send you an online application form to get a brief overview of what you are doing. After that, there is a short meeting with person responsible for the Incubator (also acts as a supervisor). You are expected to present your idea/business – e.g. by using Business Model Canvas etc., and eventually sign your contract.

You are then given a table in a ‘flying space area’, which is a temporary place (the table has to be cleaned after your work is done and free for other members) or a permanent, if we notice you are committed enough to your work.

The Incubator is based on a stage gate model with 4 levels. Read more in the right column.